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How To Stop Smoking

Everybody who smokes will have heard this from their friends and family “smoking is a terrible disgusting habit, you really should quit”. While this advice may be annoying to hear, it is true. Smokers put themselves at risk for a number of serious illnesses. This risk can be reduced considerably by quitting smoking.

Why Are People Addicted to Smoking Cigarettes?

There are two aspects to cigarette addiction – physical addiction and mental addiction. Physical addiction is when the body starts becoming accustomed to having nicotine in the system. When it is taken away, the body reacts by producing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Most smokers smoke another cigarette to find relief from these symptoms.

Smokers also get into the habit of pulling out a cigarette, lighting it and taking a puff. When they give up smoking, they miss the actions that are associated with the habit. This is the mental element of the addiction. In order to quit smoking, smokers must combat both aspects of this unfortunate habit.

How to Quit Smoking

There are countless methods people use to quit smoking. Every method has had a number of people experiencing success. As such, smokers should be aware that quit smoking methods are highly individual. What may work for one person may not work for another. Listed below are some of the most common methods of quitting smoking.

– Patches. Nicotine patches are placed on the body. While there, they deliver a minimal amount of nicotine to the body. This helps prevent withdrawal.

– Nicotine gum. Like patches, this gum gives the body the nicotine it craves. An added bonus is that the act of chewing replaces the act of smoking. The end result is the smoker feels a similar sense of comfort when they are chewing gum.

– Going cold turkey. Giving up smoking without using aids such as gum or patches rarely works. The reason behind this is that smokers have to deal with cravings on their own. That being said, some very dedicated individuals have quit smoking this way.

– E-cigarettes. E-cigs have been in the media a lot lately. This product has had tremendous success as it addresses both the physical and psychological issues smokers go through when they are quitting smoking.

Giving up smoking will not be easy. But with the right aids, support and motivation, smokers may be able to give up this habit.