The Advent Of Electronic Cigarettes In The UK

The new wave of electronic cigarettes in the UK has taken the country by storm. Originally perceived as a method of quitting tobacco cigarettes by substituting the e cigs, it has turned into its own movement to be reckoned with.

Even though people must be 18 years of age and have a valid credit card of their own to purchase electronic cigarettes in the UK, there is a broad market for the product.

Tobacco cigarettes have long had the dubious reputation of causing cancer, which has been proven to be true from a scientific standpoint. Tobacco smoke contains over 200 chemicals that are carcinogenic as well as arsenic and cyanide. By switching to electronic cigarettes, a smoker does not have to worry about all of this.

An electronic cigarette is a device has a small container within that carries a glycol eliquid. A small battery ignites the liquid when the user inhales, and this action creates a vapor that is very similar in consistency as cigarette smoke. Consequently, the user mimics the action of smoking, inhaling and exhaling the vapor.

Actual nicotine can be included in the device, so the person can still get the nicotine hit that they are used to. Even though nicotine is not especially good for us either, it is not as damaging as the tobacco smoke.

The e-cigarettes also can come with many different flavors such as chocolate, lemon, strawberry, cherry, vanilla, menthol, peppermint, and many other flavors of choice. That, together with creative advertising, packaging, and various shapes of the devices themselves as other that cigarette shaped, has made electronic cigarettes a novel and popular new fad.

The original idea was to use these devices as a means to stop tobacco smoking by starting out with a nicotine level similar to what the person was use do with his or her cigarettes. Then, by gradually decreasing the level of nicotine, the person could kick the habit. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet Earth.

The hoped for result would be that the person would decrease the nicotine level to zero, and thus not be addicted anymore. There are no real statistics that this was true or not, but the results of sales speak for themselves.

It is not apparent that the use of electronic cigarettes is harmful to one’s health and compared to the hazards of smoking tobacco, it is not even close.